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  1. Unique Activities Near Anaheim


    Find some unique activities that you can enjoy near Anaheim. Bring your family and friends for a tour of these attractions and amusements. The children will surely love to visit these places we have listed for you to visit! Experience the Medieval Times Bring your whole family and your friends to experience the Medieval Times…

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  2. Unusual Places in Anaheim that are Surprisingly Amazing

    When you hear Anaheim, California, you will automatically think of Disneyland. Well, before it was literally the only game in town but now Anaheim has developed even more and there are some spots that you can enjoy aside from theme parks. Read more to find out what is more to this vibrant Orange County town! …

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  3. Must-Visit Art Museums in Orange County

    Must-Visit-Art-Museums-in-Orange-County-BW-Stovalls-Pavilions Hotel

    Visit these museums in Orange County as you will surely love to see their art and displays! Each museum offers a variety of programs and activities that will enhance your knowledge on different topics about social sciences and your creativity when it comes to art. Learn while having fun! Bowers Museum The Bowers Museum has…

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  4. Aside from Disneyland in Anaheim, there are other attractions to visit


    Whereas most people think of Anaheim, they immediately think of Disneyland. Everybody else loves Disneyland, but Anaheim has “so much more” to provide visiting families from all over the world. Besides Disneyland, there are a few more attractions that are worth visiting. Medieval Times California You will indeed be taken back to the Middle Ages…

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  5. The Great Historical Monuments

    Known as the City of Angels, Los Angeles is home to majestic historic-cultural monuments. The city has over 1,000 monuments that include buildings and sites you can see with your own eyes. It was built with special architectural and engineering designs of a significant nature. One of the first Historic-Cultural Monuments in Los Angeles was…

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  6. Family fun for everyone!


    Anaheim is a popular spot to bring your family with you! Aside from being the home of the world-known Disneyland, Anaheim also has a variety of areas where you can stroll and learn from. You may have never noticed it before so now is a perfect time! Come and build your ultimate family vacation in…

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  7. If you’re looking for the quintessential California getaway, look no further than Anaheim!


    Anaheim is a world-class tourist resort in the heart of Southern California. Your vacation starts the moment you get off the aircraft and drive into our palm tree-lined streets. There’s much to do in Anaheim, whether you’re a die-hard sports fan, a live music lover, an adventure seeker, a self-proclaimed foodie, or a brew expert….

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  8. In Anaheim, an idea becomes a reality


    Anaheim is a town where tourists and locals alike are welcomed with a cheerful outlook. From Main Street’s charm to one-of-a-kind flavors, locations, sights and sounds, this city inspires extraordinarily imaginative experiences. Children’s Museum The Pretend City Children’s Museum is centered on a modest, interconnected city designed to help children “develop wiser brains.” It operates…

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  9. This is something to keep in mind if you are planning a trip to Orange County


    After San Francisco County, Orange County is the state’s second most populated county. It is a popular tourist destination with attractions like Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, as well as several noteworthy beaches. The most widely spoken languages in Orange County are English and Spanish. Keep these recommendations in mind if you are planning a…

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  10. Must-visit Festivals In Anaheim, California


    Anaheim, California is a place filled with positivity. It is where people are friendly and hospitable. They are not even afraid to invite strangers to their homes, that is because new acquaintances are important to them. And that makes Anaheim a must-visit when it comes to festivals! Come, make new friends while enjoying these festivals! …

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