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You’ll find one of Anaheim’s most famous landmarks at 400 N West St. The Mother Colony House was one of the first buildings in modern-day Anaheim, with construction starting in 1857. The American Territorial-style cottage includes three rooms. Made out of local redwood, it’s a favorite destination for history buffs and architect lovers, complete with the decorative crests of the gable roof and generous eaves that flare to cover the entire porch.

You’ll also find an addition to the house, circa the 1870s, compliments of the builder George Hansen. Hansen was a local surveyor who worked for the Los Angeles Vineyard Society’s superintendent. In the mid-1800s, Hansen along with 50 other German colonists came together to establish Anaheim. Hansen’s nickname, the Father of Anaheim, is quite apt. He built the Mother Colony House for his family.

Early Roots

Hansen’s house has since been home to a number of families. This includes Tomas Yorba, Senora Vicenta Sepulveda de Carillo (a famed widow twice over), and Ramon Carrillo. In the 1920s, the house was close to demolition but was saved as a relic by the Daughters of the American Revolution. The organization moved the house from Anaheim Boulevard and Cypress to its current location.

For twenty years, the organization used the house as their meeting space. One of the Daughters’ husbands, JJ Dwyer, established an endowment to secure the house. Officially dedicated in 1929, the house remains the oldest museum in the county. It became a State Historical Landmark in 1950, and was gifted to the City of Anaheim in 1954. The “symbol of Anaheim’s heritage” is close to the Woelke-Stoffel house, another historic building well worth a visit during your Anaheim vacation.

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