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Orange County Zoo

1 Irvine Park Rd, Orange, CA 92869 // +1 714-973-6840

Orange County Zoo is located inside the marvelous Irvine Regional Park, only 30 minutes from Anaheim. This fantastic 8-acre zoo is hugged by giant sycamore groves and coastal live oak, and it displays native southwestern plants, natural habitats, and living animals like mountain lions, ocelots, great horned owls, coyotes, black bears, bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, turkey vultures, porcupines, kit foxes, beavers, and more.

The Orange County Zoo also features a ‘barnyard’ petting zoo with domestic cheviot sheep, goats, doves, pheasants, Jacob sheep, chickens, and pot-bellied pigs. Each animal exhibition features a small display with fun and scientific facts about each animal. Most of the petting zoo animals are allowed to touch through the fence. The zoo offers grain to visitors so they can feed some of the animals in the barnyard.

The zoo’s mission is animal preservation; the animals here include those illegally owned, abandoned, confiscated, hurt, and/or unable to fend for themselves in the wilderness. Four-legged animals aren’t the only thing the Orange County Zoo preserves; they are also home birds, reptiles, and regional plant life. The newest members of the zoo are mountain lion cubs and an adult jaguar. These new cats will enjoy their new home in the new mammal exhibit, which features expanded enclosures, climbing platforms, a waterfall, and a bridge for the bigger cats. 

Visit the Orange County Zoo and learn interesting information about the zoo’s animals. Learn about your favorite animals from professional animal keepers, curators of education, and veterinarians. Discover this fantastic recreational site and learn new things. The Orange County Museum also offers a Stotitime Area and an Interpretative Programs Center for the little ones.


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