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Orange Tei: Where Japanese Culinary Excellence Meets SoCal Sunshine in Anaheim

Nestled within the rich tapestry of the historic Anaheim Packing District, Orange Tei stands as a culinary gem, offering a delightful fusion of Japanese cuisine with a Southern Californian twist. This distinctive Japanese restaurant is a sanctuary for food enthusiasts seeking a wholesome twist on traditional Japanese dishes, from delectable poke bowls to meticulously crafted sushi rolls and a tantalizing range of MSG-free ramen. The secret behind these culinary creations lies in their origin, which can be traced back to a renowned Japanese ramen master who meticulously crafted these original recipes to deliver an unparalleled dining experience.

Orange Tei is the brainchild of visionary chefs, melding Japanese culinary expertise with the creativity of Southern Californian minds, all in pursuit of an authentic and innovative dining adventure. Unveiling the restaurant’s name, “Orange” pays homage to its location in the historic Anaheim Packing District, a place steeped in citrus history, while “Tei” elegantly translates to “A place to relax and enjoy” in Japanese (亭), setting the stage for a tranquil gastronomic journey.

What truly sets Orange Tei apart, beyond its sumptuous fare, is its passionate and knowledgeable staff. They are not just your typical servers; they are culinary ambassadors, ready to guide and enlighten curious newcomers to the world of ramen. Their warm and welcoming demeanor ensures that every visit to Orange Tei is not merely a meal but an education in the intricacies of Japanese cuisine.

When you step into Orange Tei, you are transported to a world where the authenticity of Japanese flavors intertwines harmoniously with the vibrant essence of Southern California. It’s a place where each dish is a work of art, crafted with precision and passion, offering a unique blend of traditional and contemporary flavors. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur of Japanese cuisine or a newcomer eager to explore new culinary horizons, Orange Tei beckons you to embark on a journey of taste and discovery that will leave an indelible impression. Come savor the flavors of the Far East bathed in the golden glow of SoCal sunshine at Orange Tei, where every bite is a revelation.

440 S ANAHEIM BLVD, UNIT 202 – 203, California 92805 | (714) 829-4715

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