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Walnut Canyon Reservoir

Periphery Rd, Anaheim, CA 92807  |  +1 714-765-4229

This 920 million-gallon reservoir supplies water to Anaheim businesses and homes. The Walnut Cayon Reservoir receives imported and untreated water from the Colorado River from the Southern Californian Metropolitan Water District (MWD). The imported water is then treated by the August F. Lenain Treatment Plant before its delivery to Anaheim’s customers. The Walnut Canyon Reservoir can store exactly 920 million gallons of water, enough to supply the area for 35 to 45 days in the event of an importation interruption.

The Walnut Canyon Reservoir offers a 2.7 km loop trail that is generally considered an easy route that takes around 35 minutes to complete. This Loop Trail is famous for hiking, birding, and road biking opportunities available all year round. 

The Walnut Canyon Reservoir was constructed in 1968 and has served the community for over 50 years. Walnut Canyon has a working water storage reservoir that works as a primary water source to different Anaheim areas (hill and canyon), allowing the City to manage emergencies and seasonal water supply needs. 

This Reservoir is historically significant. While the construction crew was restoring the “A” monument, contractors found a handwritten letter signed by the original Anaheim crew. This letter serves as a testament to the pride that Anaheim staff have long had in their work.

The Reservoir provides operational flexibility to minimize imported water peaking charges during summertime, which results in fluctuations in the water levels and provides valuable resources in helping to contain possible brush fires. Also, when the groundwater wells that serve the Anaheim community are offline for upgrades, the Walnut Canyon Reservoir is relied upon to help costumes that may cause low water levels.

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